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At DIJ Consulting, We specialize in integrating a whole slew of software and are ready for new additions you can throw at us.


Here are some to integrate to name a few!


Tools Integrated together through
Automate and Integrate processes cross platforms


Integrating is only half the equation here at DIJ Consulting, the other half is automating to get the tools to do the things, so you don't have to.


Automating is our other specialty, check out how we automate below. 

With the power to bring Integration and Automation together, it only makes sense to deliver it in a sweet sweet package.


At DIJ Consulting we aim for more than a reaction and provide the call to action, that's what it means to optimize.


Analytics example through dashboard


At DIJ Consulting, we're IT Consultants specializing in cloud software integration and automation so you can spend more time on the work and less time getting it working.


We've spent the past 10 years working our way from some of the largest enterprise to the SMB market. Having experienced this journey has allowed us to better align with clients on their journey and achieving their goals.


Previously focused in IT Infrastructure, we've evolved our practice to marry modern day business with the best tools available on the market. This has lead to a renewed focus on integrations and automations so your tools better serve you.


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