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About Monday

What We Do...

We specialize in designing, building and maintaining fully automated solutions centred around! 

Want to know more? Contact us with your project and let's have a chat about what we do and can do for you.


Want to see what we do? Download some templates provided below and/or check us out on YouTube @ MyAutomationTips certified partner icon is a work operating system (Work OS) where organizations of any size can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work.  Learn more about here

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By combining building blocks, like apps automations and integrations, teams can build or customize the workflows of their dreams.

Templates, go ahead try them out, they're free!


These are some of the pieces of our Get Productive suite of tools, soon to be available.

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Large scale amortization calculator, fully built in, managed through 1 simple dashboard.

Get Timed icon

Time Tracking done on one single board with all the relevant information for comprehensive Daily, Weekly and Monthly breakdown... All in 1 board!

With active projects in Finance, Marketing, Construction and IT, if we don't have it yet, we'll build it. We've benefited from a wealth of experience from Enterprise to SMB to bring your tools together. 

Here is an example of an extensive amortization calculator that takes into account project costs to build up the mortgage amount and then a break down of principle and interest over a 30 year period... all from one dashboard (Template linked above).

Previous Examples

We take it a step further and can customize some training video and tutorials. 

We already have an active YouTube Channel with some useful tips and tricks! Check us out @ MyAutomationTips

Apps...      Exciting, very exciting...      Coming soon.

Monday  - The complete Time Tracking Solution! (Demo)
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About Monday

Previous Examples

... and a YouTube Channel!

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